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For forty years, Canada allowed an exemption from tax for a non-resident trust. As a general rule, if a Canadian resident person transfers property to a foreign trust, the trust will be deemed Canadian resident, and therefore taxable on its world income. An exemption from this deemed residence (and tax on world income) was allowed for a trust where contributions were only made by an individual or individuals who had not been resident in Canada for 60 months. The exemption was limited to the 60 months and was often used by a person immigrating to Canada. These types of trusts are typically referred to as immigrant trusts
9 December 2014
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As part of its work on Action 10 of the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Action Plan, the OECD released a draft revision to Chapter VII of its Transfer Pricing Guidelines on November 3. The draft revision broadly aims to limit deductions for management fees and head office expenses in receiving jurisdictions. Management and headquarters services are viewed by the OECD to be problematic from a pricing information standpoint...
10 November 2014
See this interesting article in the Globe & Mail quoting our own Dean Smith.
Changes include waiving all financial penalties, eliminating a requirement on small amounts and opening program to individuals for...
19 June 2014
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Canadian tax system, Canadian persons with U.S. beneficiaries, U.S. persons with Canadian beneficiaries, Canadians holding U.S. situs assets, U.S. persons holding Canadian assets, Canadians moving to U.S., U.S. persons moving to Canada, U.S. citizens living in Canada.
May 1 , 2014

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