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The GST/HST rules provide for tax not to apply on transactions between "closely related corporations" in many circumstances. To be "closely related" for purposes of the election, 90% or more of all voting shares of one corporation must be owned by the other, or 90% or more of all voting shares of both corporations must be held by a third corporation or a partnership made up only of corporations. (Group control also qualifies in certain cases). Accordingly, the election does not apply to transactions between individuals and corporations they own...
28 October 2014
See this interesting article in the Globe & Mail quoting our own Dean Smith.
Changes include waiving all financial penalties, eliminating a requirement on small amounts and opening program to individuals for...
19 June 2014
PowerPoint Presentation
Canadian tax system, Canadian persons with U.S. beneficiaries, U.S. persons with Canadian beneficiaries, Canadians holding U.S. situs assets, U.S. persons holding Canadian assets, Canadians moving to U.S., U.S. persons moving to Canada, U.S. citizens living in Canada.
May 1 , 2014

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Cadesky and Associates LLP is an independent tax specialist firm focused on Canadian, U.S. and international tax services.

Our services include tax planning for local business and multi-national corporations, estate planning for families and international clients and a wide range of other tax services. Our U.S. Tax Division provides a wide scope of U.S. tax services. We also have a dedicated team which handles tax audits and appeals.

Our professional team includes chartered accountants, tax lawyers, U.S. CPAs and U.S. tax lawyers. We have a network of affiliated tax specialist firms across Canada — the Tax Specialist Group (TSG). For international tax services we also work with our international network — the International Tax Specialist Group (ITSG).

We also provide R&D tax credit consulting services through our related company Scitax Advisory Partners LP.