Cadesky Tax 2020 CPA Seminar Program



COVID-19 related changes and issues

  • Overview of main government support programs(CERB, CESB, CEBA, CECRA, CEWS), audit issues, taxation of payments received
  • Filing and payment extensions, traps to be aware of, extensions for notice of objection, rules for instalments
  • Suspension of statute barred period
  • Use of fairness provisions for relief
  • Deducting office in home expenses
  • Accidental residence (stuck somewhere)
  • Overview of US programs and special tax amendments

Economic Related

  • Claiming losses, rules on capital losses, ABIL's, effective loss utilization strategies, traps to avoid
  • Debt forgiveness rules
  • Income splitting with 1% prescribed erate note
  • Estate freeze strategies, refreezes at lower value
  • Valuation in Covid economy

Owner-Manager Topics

  • Owner-Manager remuneration strategies
  • TOSI rules, what's new
  • Planning for cash-strapped businesses and economic hardship
  • Preparing for possible tax increases
  • Creative strategies

Ethics Topic

  • Risk in tax practice, measuring tax risk, giving advice and level of assurance
  • Professional standards of due care, competence, duty to warn
  • Risky areas and issues
  • Defensive tax practice

Other Topics

  • When is assessment statute barred
  • Gross negligence penalties
  • Acquisition of control rules

Note: We will add other topics as circumstances warrant (e.g. if there is a Federal Budget)



  • Virtual seminar series
  • 8 Sessions, 75 minutes pre-recorded, 15 minutes live questions, 90 minutes each in all
  • Detailed slides with notes sent in advance
  • Focus on current topics of interest
  • Posted on website for later review
  • CPD accredited, certificate provided, 12 hours of verified CPD including 1.5 hours of ethics
  • Access to our Seminars Archive , Calculation Programs and Tosi Central
  • Microsoft Teams, watch/listen mode
  • Questions by dedicated e-mail address
  • Access via laptop, tablet or mobile phone



Broadcast and live question dates

Session 1 Wednesday September 9, 2020
Session 2 Tuesday September 22, 2020
Session 3 Wednesday October 14, 2020
Session 4 Tuesday October 27, 2020
Session 5 Wednesday November 11, 2020
Session 6 Tuesday November 24, 2020
Session 7 Tuesday December 8, 2020
Session 8 Thursday December 17, 2020

All sessions run from 9:00 am to 10:30 am



$395 + HST per person
Registration fee includes:

  • 8 webinar and Q/A sessions
  • Slides and notes
  • Access to recordings of webinars
  • Access to our calculation programs, seminar archive and TOSI Central
  • Certificate for CPD


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