Cadesky Tax 2022 Tax Seminar Series


Session 1: TAX UPDATE – September 07

     > Tax changes from April 2022 Federal Budget
  • New reporting and disclosure rules.
  • Substantive CCPCs and implications.
  • Principal residence flips.
  • Green technology corporate tax breaks.
  • Restricted interest expense.
  • Hybrid transactions.
  • International changes.
  • Seniors and home renovation.
     > New T1134 Form
  • Brief look at the new form.
     > Case Law (Supreme Court)
  • Alta Energy and tax avoidance.
  • Collins Family Trust and undoing mistakes.
     > CRA Update
  • CRA can ask oral questions so watch out!.
  • CRA audit targets.

Session 2: CORPORATE TAX – September 21

     > Association Rules
  • What the rules say.
  • Implications of companies being associated, advantages and disadvantages.
  • Some planning ideas.
     > Safe Income
  • What the rules say on inter-company dividends.
  • What is safe income.
  • When do you need to calculate this.

Session 3: COMMON MISTAKES - October 12

     > The Top 10 most common mistakes
  • Capital dividend account.
  • Share redemptions.
  • Part IV tax.
  • Loss denial rules.
  • Surplus strips.
  • Rollovers and gifting.
  • ACB averaging.
  • Non-deductible interest.
  • Terminal loss on buildings.

Session 4: PERSONAL TAX – October 26

     > Principal Residence
  • What the rules say.
  • Change in use rules.
  • Good and bad strategies.
     > Keeping Trusts Tidy
  • Avoiding mistakes in managing a trust.
  • What documentation do you need.
     > Foreign Inheritance
  • What happens when you receive a foreign inheritance.
  • What is income, what is tax-free and what is the tax cost of property received.

Session 5: TAXATION AT DEATH - November 9

     > Review of special rules for taxation at death
  • The basic rules.
  • Issues in completing the final tax return.
  • Post-mortem tax planning strategies.
  • Reading and interpreting a Will.
  • Organizing the estate.
  • Life insurance.

Session 6: OWNER–MANAGER I – November 23

     > Basic Rules
  • Integration and salary / dividend mix.
  • Overview of issues (small business deduction, passive income, ERDTOH / NERDTOH, personal services business, tax deferral, TOSI rules).
  • Mini case studies.

Session 7: OWNER–MANAGER II – November 30

     > Further Topics
  • Capital gains strips, what to do and not do.
  • Debit balances, shareholder loans and repayments.
  • Holding companies, are they worth it.
  • Reorganizing group structures
  • Effective income splitting plans

Session 8: MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS – December 14

     > U.S. Tax, Some Basics
  • Completing a W-8.
  • When do you need to file a tax return.
  • Sale of U.S. property.
     > Capital Gains Exemption
  • Review of the rules.
  • Common problems and some possible solutions.
  • How to plan effectively.

Note: We will add other topics as circumstances warrant (e.g. if there is a Federal Budget)


  • Virtual seminar series by Zoom
  • 8 Sessions, 90 minutes pre-recorded, 20 minutes live questions, around 110 minutes each in all
  • Detailed slides with notes sent in advance
  • Focus on current topics of interest
  • Posted on website for later review
  • CPD accredited, certificate provided, 16 hours of verified CPD including 1 hour of ethics
  • Access to our Seminars Archive , Calculation Programs and TOSI Central
  • Zoom watch/listen mode
  • Questions by dedicated e-mail address or chat function
  • Access via laptop, tablet or mobile phone


Broadcast and live question date

Session 1 Wednesday, September 7, 2022
Session 2 Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Session 3 Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Session 4 Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Session 5 Wednesday, November 9, 2022
Session 6 Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Session 7 Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Session 8 Wednesday, December 14, 2022

All sessions run from 9:00 am to 10:30 am


$450 + HST per person
Registration fee includes:

  • 8 webinars and Q/A sessions
  • Slides and notes
  • Access to recordings of webinars
  • Access to our calculation programs, seminar archive and TOSI Central
  • Certificate for CPD


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