Consultation to Other Professionals

Some say that a company’s external accountant is their most valued financial professional. The relationship with this professional is a special one, often built on years of faithful service and trust.

Public accountants are experts in handling day-to-day taxation matters, preparing tax returns, planning client remuneration strategies, and dealing with the CRA. But, from time to time, more specialized expertise may be needed for a particular purpose.

As tax specialists, our focus is on providing clients with practical tax advice that will save them money. In doing so, we preserve and enhance the existing client relationships with their accountants – we do not replace these relationships.

We are here to provide tax services for firms that cannot incur the high overhead costs of a full service tax department. As accountants, we understand the public accounting profession, we understand client needs, and we are sensitive to deadlines, fee pressures, client demands, and confidentiality. We find that our services are often most needed on U.S. and international matters, transfer pricing, purchase and sale of a business, and tax disputes.

Our Service Approach

We are versatile enough to work advising an accountant directly, be part of a team with the accountant and the client or work directly with the client. You decide what suits you and your client best.

We will quote a fee on a per-job basis or will invoice based on time. Where other professionals are needed, we will coordinate an overall service team approach if asked to do so.

Our Services to Accountants

In many cases, we act as an in-house tax department for accounting firms that do not have specialist tax expertise or that wish to supplement their range of services in specialized areas. In these cases, we provide the following services:

  • monthly tax seminar breakfast series in the fall and winter, designed to keep accountants up to date       on important tax issues;
  • tax hotline telephone and e-mail inquiry service, to give quick answers to simple tax questions;
  • assistance in making presentations to potential clients;
  • budget briefings;
  • tax tip of the week and tax alerts e-mail services;
  • use of our international network (ITSG) where international assistance is needed.