Litigation Support Services

Tax and Divorce

Our firm helps clients with tax issues connected with separation and divorce. Some examples of the issues we address include:

  • whether separation and divorce payments are deductible;
  • how to divide property in a tax-effective way;
  • how to reorganize and separate companies in a corporate group and divide them between the parties;
  • maximizing the tax advantages if one party is or becomes non-resident; and
  • dealing with international assets

As well we review any proposed property division and assist with a valuation analysis. We are also very experienced in working with legal counsel on all aspects of negotiation and completion of legal agreements.

Estate Litigation

Unfortunately, from time to time family members disagree on estate administration issues. We understand the kinds of issues that can arise and we are experienced in providing litigation support services with an emphasis on the complex tax issues involved in an estate.

We will frequently review an estate’s overall tax position, as well as past filings, and report to the executor or to the beneficiaries on our findings. We can advise on how to best liquidate an estate from a tax perspective.

Negligence Claims

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