Tax Seminars

Seminars for Chartered Accountants

Each year, between September and February, our firm presents a series of Tax Seminars on topics of current interests for accountants in public practice.

Now in its 28th year and attended annually by over 600 professionals, this program provides what professionals need to know in the tax area. At a modest cost, the Tax Seminars are good value, a useful resource, and qualify for CPD credit. We also provide special seminars on selected topics .

Cadesky Tax 2022 CPA Seminar Program

Details of topics, format, dates and registration are available here.

There will be a total of 8 sessions between September and December.

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Access to our archive of seminar materials is available to those who attend regularly. If you were sent a username and password, you may login and access the archive.

Seminars for Accountants and Other Professionals