Changes To Partnership Returns

“There are two changes in this revised version of T5013 that are worth noting..”

New Disclosure Requirements

In February 2012, the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) issued a revised version of its Partnership Information Return (Form T5013) to reflect new information that the CRA requires. There are two changes in this revised version of T5013 that are worth noting:

  1. The adjusted cost base (ACB) and “at-risk amount” for each partner are to be reported on the revised version of Schedule 50 of Form T5013, entitled “Partner’s Ownership and Account Activity”.
  2. Persons affiliated with the partnership must be listed on new Schedule 9 of Form T5013, entitled “Affiliated Corporations, Partnerships, Partners or Trusts”.

Effective Date and Transitional Relief

These new requirements apply to filings beginning February 2012. However, the CRA, recognizing that these new requirements significantly increase the compliance burden for many partnerships, has provided transitional administrative relief. On February 29, 2012, the CRA announced that it will accept returns containing either the 2010 or 2011 version of Form T5013 Schedule 50 if the return meets the following conditions:

  • It is filed on time; and
  • It contains complete information on partner identification and annual transactions between partners and the partnership.

The CRA recognizes the increased demands imposed by new Schedule 9, and recommends that this schedule be prepared based on the best knowledge and ability of the partnership and preparer. The CRA has announced that it will not impose penalties for incomplete Form T5013 returns, filed for 2011 fiscal periods, that have been prepared, to the best knowledge and ability of the partnership and preparers, and submitted by the filing deadline.

What Should You Do?

While transitional relief is available, preparers and their clients should start early to gather the information needed to support the new requirements. This may be an onerous task for partners who have not maintained the required ACB and at-risk amounts calculations historically, especially for partnerships that have not been preparing and filing T5013 returns previously because of the exemption for partnerships with less than five partners (see Tax Tip 10-25). Additional information with respect to partnership and information return filing requirements can be found on the CRA website at

The professionals in the TSG will be happy to assist you with questions regarding the preparation of Form T5013 returns and the revised disclosure requirements.

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