Update of “Taxation of Trusts and Estates: A Practitioner’s Guide 2023”

Grace Chow FCPA, TEP, a founding partner of Cadesky Tax, has co-authored an updated version of “Taxation of Trusts and Estates: A Practitioner’s Guide” for 2023. The book, described as “an essential handbook and research source for lawyers, accountants, trust administrators, and trust officers,” is co-written with Ian Pryor. 

 Throughout 2022, Grace collected information on CRA guidelines and changes, with a particular focus on the new reporting requirements for trust returns. This comprehensive guide offers clear, practical solutions and commentary for each T3 Trust Income Tax and Information Return step. 

 The 2023 edition provides commentary and practical examples on a variety of topics, including:  

  • The key aspects related to trusts and estates of the tax on split income (TOSI) rules effective as of January 1, 2018; 
  • The changes to the use of principal residence exemption by trusts; 
  • Special considerations applicable to taxation of non-resident trusts deemed to be resident in Canada; 
  • The new trust reporting requirements; and 
  • Estate planning and post-mortem planning involving trusts. 

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