Establishing an International Business

The Canadian tax system encourages Canadian businesses to expand internationally. Provided that a bona fide active business is carried on abroad, income from that business can often be earned through a corporation located in a favourable jurisdiction. We are experts in structuring such arrangements, advising on possible locations, and implementing the necessary components. We have experience in setting up companies in numerous jurisdictions around the world.

In assessing an international business arrangement, we

  • work with the client to understand the overall business, how it will operate internationally, and how it will be administered outside Canada;
  • assess the Canadian tax implications of the overall venture, including how to own the foreign company and how to finance it, and advise on the tax consequences of repatriating funds to Canada and selling the business;
  • advise on appropriate jurisdictions;
  • prepare a detailed and comprehensive memorandum concerning the overall tax plan;
  • assist with implementing the plan by obtaining local tax, legal, and other professional advice in the jurisdiction where the business will be located;
  • make introductions, as appropriate, to professionals in that jurisdiction who can assist in implementing the business plan, administering the entity and finding employees and office space; and
  • prepare any required valuations of the business or intangibles (for example, intellectual property).

We also assist in maintaining the tax integrity of the structure and the required Canadian tax filings.

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