Corporate Reorganizations

There are many reasons companies or corporate groups may need to be reorganized:

  • to amalgamate or combine companies to use the profits of one company against the losses of another;
  • to create holding companies for creditor-proofing reasons;
  • to divide the assets of a corporation among the shareholders (referred to as a butterfly reorganization);
  • to incorporate a business so that it may be carried on in corporate form;
  • to carry out an estate freeze in the most effective manner;
  • to simplify a group of companies or eliminate inactive companies that are no longer useful; or
  • to change the nature of a corporation’s income (from investment income to active income or vice versa).

We can advise on whether a corporate reorganization would be useful, outline the benefits, and lay out the steps of the reorganization. We can work with legal counsel to execute the plan. We will also prepare the required tax-reporting forms and produce a reporting letter summarizing the reorganization.

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