Estate Planning

Estate planning is critical to effectively preserve wealth and pass it on to the next generation. We think out of the box. Where engaged in developing an estate plan, we:

  • prepare a summary of the client’s major assets and liabilities, and evaluate the tax consequences involved in passing those assets to the next generation;
  • understand the family dynamic;
  • review the client’s Will and determine the family’s personal wishes concerning the succession of assets;
  • determine whether there is a role for insurance;
  • develop an estate plan, which may involve an estate freeze, a gifting program, a family trust, or new Wills;
  • implement the estate plan, and coordinate any required legal and valuation work;
  • recommend revisions to Wills to enhance the effectiveness of the tax planning and lighten the tax burden on the estate and heirs;
  • make sure all aspects of the plan are coordinated; and
  • assist in family meetings to explain the overall estate plan.

Using the software we have developed, we can model the estate plan and monitor it year by year, adjusting it for changing financial circumstances, changing family, financial, and personal objectives, and changes in tax laws.

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