U.S. Tax and Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Tax Planning

U.S. Tax Filings

We offer a comprehensive list of services for U.S. tax filings such as:

  • preparation of non-resident alien individual tax returns (Form 1040NR) for U.S. rental income, capital gains from real property, salary income, and business income;
  • preparation of U.S. tax returns for U.S. citizens living in Canada (Form 1040) and State returns if required;
  • preparation of U.S. corporate income tax returns for U.S. corporations or foreign corporations (Form 1120 or Form 1120F), together with required disclosure schedules;
  • preparation of U.S. partnership returns (Form 1065), together with partner statements (Form K1);
  • preparation of U.S. trust returns (Form 1041);
  • preparation of U.S. estate tax returns for US citizens (Form 706) and non-resident aliens holding U.S. situs property (Form 706NA);
  • preparation of payroll remittances and summary reporting (Forms W2 and W3), withholdings and related forms (for example, Form 1099), and
  • preparation of treaty-based disclosure claims.

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