U.S. Tax and Canada-U.S. Cross-Border Tax Planning

U.S. Business

Our tax services for U.S. businesses include:

  • U.S. federal, state and local tax return preparation;
  • advice on how to establish a new U.S. business (such as the form of the business, whether corporation, limited liability company, partnership and so on), the significant U.S. tax issues to consider (compensation strategies, accumulated earnings tax and personal holding company issues), how it will be capitalized and financed and how the business will be owned;
  • advice on purchasing a U.S. business (such as purchasing assets versus shares) and how to finance and own the business;
  • review of tax consequences in Canada of repatriating profits from the U.S.;
  • advice on corporate reorganizations and strategies for selling a U.S. business; and
  • assistance with tax registrations and other filings.

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