Deceased Taxpayer Tax Fillings

The preparation of tax returns for a deceased taxpayer and trust returns for an estate are specialized tax services that we know well. Our partners have authored books on this subject, widely used as references by tax professionals. Numerous elections and tax-planning opportunities are available, and an experienced tax professional can bring about substantial tax savings. We can genuinely claim to be experts in this field.

We handle all of the tax aspects of a deceased taxpayer filing and related tax matters for the estate, including

  • reviewing the tax position on death,
  • reviewing the will to determine the tax implications,
  • preparing the deceased taxpayer’s tax return,
  • analyzing tax-planning options to minimize the tax on the estate, the deceased, and the beneficiaries,
  • coordinating valuations required for tax return filings,
  • advising on the optimal distribution of assets,
  • tax and estate planning for a surviving spouse or other beneficiaries,
  • preparing trust returns for the estate, and
  • resolving any issues raised by Canadian tax authorities.

We can also develop or review ongoing estate planning for the family.

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